Disabled Parking

It is now a penal crime and not an administrative crime to park in a disabled bay if you dont have a blue badge. This means that instead of a fine you get arrested and taken to court.

New obligation for holiday homes in Tuscany

If you rent out a home in Tuscany, from 1 March you have the obligation to notify the authorities online see: https://www.gonews.it/…/01/affitti-turistici-attivo-portale/

Buying in Italy 2019

The new edition (9th edition) will be for sale in early January 2019 with all the changes in the law over the last year, and how the market has changed. If you can wait till January to buy, then do, otherwise, you’ll still get your free updates for 2 years, and a complete copy of […]


In the new law on security there has been a change to tourist rental contracts for less than 30 days.   There is now the requirement to notify the questura within 24 hours of the guests arrival of the guests particulars.  This is for renters and subrenters,  and is also for holiday homes.  The requirement was […]

Illegal Agents

From 15 February the new law on illegal agents comes into force. This new law foresees prison and heavy fines for those who act as agents illegally. For the first instance the fine is 7500 to 15000, and for the second up to 3 years in prison and fines up to 50.000 euros. For other […]

2018 Edition

The updated 2018 edition of Buying in Italy will be on sale from mid January. For all those eligible for updates the new edition will be sent automatically.